Edmond public schools double random student drug testing in wake of SQ788

7/6/2018 - Edmond, OK -- Edmond Public Schools claims it's just a coincidence that they announced they are now doubling the number of students that will be randomly drug tested, only days after the Oklahoma voter's passed SQ 788 legalizing medicinal marijuana.

At a recent school board meeting, it was decided that current funding allows for the school district to increase the number of students tested almost two-fold.

While the Edmond school board claims this increase is just a coincidence, superintendent Bret Towne voiced concern over the passage of SQ 788, "My concern is hoe it's going to effect students on campus and the availability."

Currently prescribed drugs for students are kept licked up and distributed by the school secretary - when asked if the same will happened with prescribed medical marijuana, Towne simply replied, "I have no idea ... it's a little bit different situation."

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