Scott Adams hired to represent Richardson Homes owner Dennis Lee in federal court.

3/10/2017 - OKC, OK -- Dennis Lee, owner of the popular custom home building company Richardson Homes, was federally indicted earlier this year.

Lee has retained criminal defense attorney Scott Adams to represent him in this matter.

Lee recently made his first court appearance and was released on a $100,000 signature bond.

Adams and Associates looks forward to successfully representing Lee as this case moves forward.

OKC psychic charged with rare fortune telling offense

(as published at by Kyle Schwab) - Fortune telling for a fee has been illegal in Oklahoma since 1915 but the law is rarely enforced.

The unusual charge, though, has been filed against an Oklahoma City psychic who could see jail in her future if convicted. The next court date is in March.

Sonia Lisa Marks, 52, is accused of illegally operating "Mrs. Maples Psychic Reader" at 4445 SW 33. Her attorney says Marks was "targeted" for prosecution of an outdated and unenforced law.

"They want to turn this into some criminal act, which to me is just a joke," defense attorney Scott Adams said. "I wish someone could explain to me what is so horrible about someone reportedly being able to tell you what your future is."

Scott Adams continues to win all legal battles to get fired Guthrie Police Lt. his job back

1/16/2017 - Guthrie, OK -- Former Guthrie police lieutenant  Mark Bruning has had only one wish for the past three years - to get back to the job and career he loves most - making the citizens of Guthrie safe.

Bruning was fired from the Guthrie police department back in Sept. of 2013.

Once again, attorney Scott Adams continues to fight for and win all legal challenges regarding Bruning's case.


Charges dropped against deaf driver beaten by OHP troopers

1/19/2017 - OKC, OK -- Pearl Pearson, 67, is deaf and non-verbal. In Jan. of 2014 Pearson was pulled over by members of the Oklahoma Highway patrol.  For several minutes the troopers beat Pearson when he failed to comply with orders he could not hear. To add insult to injury, Oklahoma County District Attorney Davis Prater cleared the OHP troopers of any wrongdoing and charged Pearson with misdemeanor crimes.

Pearson hired Oklahoma criminal defense attorney Scott Adams to fight for his rights.

After three years of legal battles, Adams was able to secure the dismissal of all charges against Pearson.