Scott Adams Comments on Recent Arrest of Spotted Crow on Cost Warrant

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma mother who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling marijuana worth $31, released, then arrested again for unpaid court fees has been released from jail after several donors paid her outstanding balance.

Patricia Spottedcrow was released from the Oklahoma County Jail just after 3 p.m. Wednesday after she was arrested Monday on a bench warrant for owing the Kingfisher County Court Clerk’s office $3,569.76, $1,139.90 of which had to be paid for her to be released.

The clerk’s office confirms to News 4 that seven strangers paid off Spottedcrow’s entire $3,569.76 balance.

Spottedcrow is finally free of all the debt incurred as part of her punishment for selling a $30 bag of weed a decade ago.

“The average person who’s working out there on an hourly job, can’t afford that,” said legal expert Scott Adams. “And the more time you wait, the more money you owe them and it’s just a vicious cycle.”

Spottedcrow also battling the legal terms of her early release.

The district attorney in Kingfisher County revoked her bond back in 2018.

Court documents show it's because she "failed to report to her probation officer once a month" and because she told a police officer she had "consumed beer on or about the 28th day of July 2017."

Scott Adams Secures Probation for Guthrie Woman Involved in Fatal DUI

July 16, 2019 - Guthrie, OK — Once again, Adams and Associates prevails in the courtroom by fighting for the best interests of their client.

In the early morning hours of February of 2014, Guthrie resident Guthrie resident Paige Powell, 26, was traveling on U.S. Highway 77 and County Road 70.

Powell, driving, was involved in a single car accident that killed her passenger roommate and best friend.

The prosecution alleged Powell was drunk and driving. We alleged there was much more to the story and incarceration was unwarranted and not in anyone's best interest.

In the end, Adams and Associates was able to accomplish exactly what the client desired - to avoid prison at all cost - and was instead given probation.

When you are facing a retaliatory prosecutor and unfair consequences that seek to deprive you of your freedom, Adams and Associates should be your first call.

"Not Guilty!" Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Adams Secure Acquittal for OKC Business Owner

April 11, 2019 - OKC, OK — Adams and Associates prevails at jury trial again with a total exoneration for their client who was falsely accused of two counts of felony pointing a firearm and two counts of kidnapping. In near record time, the jury rendered their “not guilty” verdict in less than an hour of deliberations. When your life and freedom are literally on the line, Adams and Associates is your best choice for criminal legal defense.