Former OSU football player, Brandon Pettigrew, arrested for theft & allegedly assaulting officer


7/10/2018 - Stillwater, OK -- Former Oklahoma State University football tight-end, Brandon Pettigrew, was arrested by Pittsburgh police after he allegedly refused to pay for a limousine ride and then punched an officer multiple times.

According to police, Pettigrew got into an argument Monday morning, outside of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hotel, with a limousine driver after he refused to pay for a ride.

Pettigrew, who was described as intoxicated, then argued with police after they were called to the scene. Police claim that during the argument, Pettigrew punched at least one officer three times in the chest.

Pettigrew was then arrested for aggravated assault, theft and public drunkenness.

Pettigrew played tight-end at OSU and was later drafted by the Detroit Lions in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

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