Oklahoma restaurant sued after employee suffers fatal heart attack on duty

5/22/2018 - Jenks, OK -- A man, whose wife suffered a fatal heart attack at work, has filed a lawsuit against his wife's former employer for negligence. Tasha Boling worked for The Jenks Restaurant as a waitress.

According to court paperwork filed by Tasha Boling's husband, Robert Boling, his wife complained to her employer that she wasn't feeling well and was suffering from chest pains and wanted to leave work.

Boling contends that his wife's employer told her she couldn't leave unless she found her own shift replacement.

Tasha Boling later died of a heart attack in the back storage room in the restaurant.

According to Boling's attorney, the heart of the issue is Oklahoma's 'At-Will Statute.'

Boling and his attorney contend that Tasha Bolings feared she would lose her job if she sought medical treatment because Oklahoma employers can fire employees with little or no reason.