Norman police officer-involved shooting ruled 'justified'

3/14/2017 - Norman, OK -- A Norman police officer who shot a man in February has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by the Cleveland County district attorney's office.

Master Police Officer Joshua Hard was in route to an unrelated call when 37-year-old Marc Davis Watson passed him, while fleeing the scene of a burglary other officers were responding to.

A Norman resident had called police claiming Watson was trying to break into her home with a crowbar. When Watson saw officers in the area looking for him, he fled.

Hard ordered Watson to stop, but Watson reportedly refused and instead turned toward the officer and pulled a weapon from his waistband and pointed it at Hard as he continued to run towards a vehicle. Hard shot Watson one time in the head as Watson tried to flee in a pickup. Watson is reported to have survived the shooting.

First Assistant District Attorney Susan Caswell reviewed the official police report, witness statements and surveillance video. Caswell determined that the use of force by officer Hard was justified.

Watson now faces several criminal charges; attempted burglary, second degree burglary, possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of burglary tools.