Tulsa police officer praised for de-escalating interaction with men live-streaming tense situation

From FOX23 KOKI and KFOR - 4/14/2017 -- A Tulsa police officer is being praised for his actions that were caught on camera.

Police say a Tulsa officer walked up to a vehicle that was parked in front of a known drug house where the owner faces a felony warrant. He begins speaking with the two men inside the vehicle and asks for their names.

At that point, one of the men pulls out his phone and begins broadcasting the interaction on Facebook Live.

As the video continues, the men become increasingly agitated and begin yelling profanities at the officer.

“I’m waiting for y’all to violate my rights. Yeah, I’m gonna get paid,” one man said.

Authorities told FOX 23 that it is clear to them that the men were trying to anger the officer.

“He was trying to get that officer to do something, to react, so he could use that against him,” said Officer Jeanne Mackenzie, with the Tulsa Police Department.

The men in the video claim the department is harassing them.

In the end, the officer leaves the scene to avoid escalating the situation.

Officials with the Tulsa Police Department say they are proud of how their officer handled the situation. They say the video speaks for itself about which party is harassing the other.