Prison riot at Hinton facility ends Monday morning

7/10/2017 - Hinton, OK -- Administrators and law enforcement at the Great Plains Correctional Facility in Hinton are not saying much, but they have announced that a riot has ended and no inmates have escaped the state prison.

While there has been little official word, social media posts on the Hinton town's official website have provided some unconfirmed insights.

Around 10 p.m. the Town of Hinton posted, “There is a situation at the prison but the perimeter has NOT been breached. We have multiple agencies surrounding the prison to ensure the towns safety. We will keep you updated as we know more. We are in communication with the warden to make sure that any needs are met.”

Around 11 p.m., a new Facebook page stated, “As far as we know all officers are safe. The CERT team from the Lawton GEO facility have arrived on location to assist, once they are briefed and ready, the guards will start moving in to lock down the rioting inmates. No one has escaped.”

Early Monday morning the Caddo County Sheriff's office reported that the riot was offiically over.

It is not known how many inmates were involved in the riot, why it started or if any inmates or guards were injured.

The Great Plains Correctional Center Facility is a 1,940-bed men's prison that is operated by the GEO Group, a private prison corporation based in Boca Rotan, Florida.

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