One OKC zip code is home to the most teens in state custody in all of Oklahoma

2/14/2017 - OKC, OK -- According to an article that appeared in the Oklahoma last month, the 73119 ZIP code is geographically the home to the most teens in state custody in all of Oklahoma. 

Situated in Oklahoma City's southwest side and bordered to the north by SW 29th street, to the south by SW 59th, to the west by S. Meridian Ave. and to the east by S. Blackwelder Ave.

The 73119 ZIP code also has the distinction of being home to an apartment complex with the highest number of police calls for a residential site in Oklahoma City.

The Office of Juvenile Affairs tells the Oklahoman they are reaching out to law enforcement, schools and community leaders within the 73119 ZIP code to determine what preventive measures may be put into effect to see fewer teenagers in state custody.

Studies show that the 73119 ZIP code is comprised of 55% individuals from Mexico, 38% under the age of 19 and approx. 2,000 single-parent households.

Goggle Map depiction of the 73110 ZIP code.