Tulsa teen charged with raping elderly woman and murdering teacher in front of his family


10/12/2017 - Tulsa, OK -- 16-year-old Deonte Green faces dozens of criminal charges after prosecutors allege he went on a crime spree that included the rape of an elderly woman and the shooting death of a teacher during a home invasion.

On Oct. 1, Green reportedly robbed and sexually assaulted the woman before moving on to the residence of 44-year-old Shane Anderson. 

Green found Anderson's wife and two daughter in the front yard and ordered them inside the house. Once inside, Green was confronted by Anderson and the two struggled. Green eventually shot Anderson and left him for dead.

Green is no stranger to the law. Just days before Green had reportedly been released from custody after being arrested for second-degree burglary, concealing stolen property, tampering with surveillance equipment and malicious injury to property.

Green previously was given probation for earlier crimes and was considered at that time to be a high-risk to repeat his criminal offenses.

Green faces 26 criminal charges related to his latest fatal crime spree.