Dallas Community Watch post series of videos of police interaction near OKC federal building & Edmond police HQ

2/21/2017 - A Texas based activist group recently posted a series of videos of their interactions with police while visiting downtown Oklahoma City and Edmond. The group claims they were conducting "First Amendment Audits." The group also claims police acted illegally towards them.

The three videos in question are not dated, but were posted to YouTube within the last week and attribute a Feb. 15, 2017 date in their video description.

The videos were shot by an individual who claims to be a member of the Dallas Community Watch and self-identifies as 'CopBlock' advocacy.

The videos seem to attempt to portray law enforcement as acting illegally when confronting the videographer on public property. Some may agree with the videographer's stance, while others may see the videographer as intentionally agitating a situation needlessly.

The first video posted was shot in front of the Edmond police headquarters in downtown Edmond.

The second and third videos were shot near the downtown Oklahoma City Federal Building, a major post office and the OKC Bombing Memorial.

This last video is a longer version of the one above and shows what may have precipitated police invovlement.