Tulsa officer, Betty Shelby, acquitted in shooting death of Terence Crutcher

5/17/2017 - Tulsa, OK -- Today a jury acquitted Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby in the shooting death of unarmed suspect Terence Crutcher. Shelby, 43, is white and Crutcher, 40, is black. 

Race took center stage almost immediately following the September 2016 shooting, which was caught on video.

Shelby was subsequently criminally charged with manslaughter.

Prosecutor's argued that this was a routine traffic stop and that Shelby was unjustified in using deadly force.

The defense argued that Cruchter was willfully ignoring lawful commands, acting strange and when he appeared to be reaching inside his vehicle Shelby became fearful for the safety of herself and fellow officers.

It was later revealed that Crutcher was high on two hallucinogens, including PCP, at the time of his death. 

A jury deliberated several hours before rendering a not guilty verdict.