Okla. bail bond agent arrested after fatally shooting client

8/10/2017 - Stillwater, OK -- Chasity Carey, 41, of Signature Bail Bonds has been arrested for the fatal shooting of a client she claims she was attempting to return to custody.

According to news reports, Carey contacted 38-year-old Brandon James Williams on Wednesday and asked him to come to her Stillwater office.

Carey told investigators that when Williams arrived, a fight broke out after she told him she was revoking his bond and turning him in to the Payne County jail.

Carey claims that during the altercation, she was forced to shoot and kill Williams in self-defense.

Investigators now say that crucial parts of Carey's story are not supported by the evidence, so they placed her into custody.

Williams was reportedly out on a $35,000 bond for three counts of burglary and marijuana possession.