Oklahoma City may consider taxing homeowners who participate in short-term rentals

2/17/2017 - You may not realize it, but potentially hundreds of private homeowners in Oklahoma City are violating the law when they rent out their extra bedroom or entire house on popular social media websites and apps like Airbnb.com.

According to a press release this week by Airbnb.com, Oklahoma City is the state's busiest market for it's online overnight-stay bookings.

City leaders recently took up the topic and were reminded by Assistant City Manager Laura Johnson that homeowners must first request a public hearing and purchase a $2,700 permit before they can treat their private residences as a hotel or motel.

The City of Oklahoma City says that have never received a permit request from any Airbnb hosts.

The City claims they monitor websites like Airbnb and routinely send letters to homeowners who advertise rooms for rent illegally on the website.

Oklahoma City is trying to work with Airbnb to collect hotel-motel taxes from home owners.

If you feel you're being unfairly targeted by the City of Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County, give attorney Scott Adams a call today.