Scott Adams continues to win all legal battles to get fired Guthrie Police Lt. his job back

1/16/2017 - Guthrie, OK -- Former Guthrie police lieutenant  Mark Bruning has had only one wish for the past three years - to get back to the job and career he loves most - making the citizens of Guthrie safe.

Bruning was fired from the Guthrie police department back in Sept. of 2013.

Once again, attorney Scott Adams continues to fight for and win all legal challenges regarding Bruning's case.


Charges dropped against deaf driver beaten by OHP troopers

1/19/2017 - OKC, OK -- Pearl Pearson, 67, is deaf and non-verbal. In Jan. of 2014 Pearson was pulled over by members of the Oklahoma Highway patrol.  For several minutes the troopers beat Pearson when he failed to comply with orders he could not hear. To add insult to injury, Oklahoma County District Attorney Davis Prater cleared the OHP troopers of any wrongdoing and charged Pearson with misdemeanor crimes.

Pearson hired Oklahoma criminal defense attorney Scott Adams to fight for his rights.

After three years of legal battles, Adams was able to secure the dismissal of all charges against Pearson.

Adams reacts to 84 page FBI document against his client and alleged gambling kingpin Teddy Mitchell

11/28/2012 – OKC, OK (as reported by KWTV News9) — An 84-page Federal Court document outlines the FBI’s case against accused illegal gambling kingpin Teddy Mitchell.

The government alleges Mitchell hosted high-stakes poker games at his Oklahoma City home for more than 20 years. Investigators say Mitchell also ran an elaborate sports betting operation as well.

FBI investigators say Mitchell tried to hide millions of dollars through real estate transactions involving his older sister, who is a real estate agent.

Mitchell’s attorney, Scott Adams, says his client had a license to run poker games and is guilty of nothing criminal.

“I’ve had poker games at my house. I’ve had poker games at my neighbor’s house. I’ve bet on sports. That doesn’t mean it was illegal,” Adams says. “Just because the government says it is doesn’t mean it is,” Adams added.

Teddy Mitchell’s federal trial is scheduled to begin in April.