Norman councilman seeks dismissal of drug paraphernalia charges

2/23/2017 - Norman City Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman is asking for pending drug charges against him to be dismissed in light of a jury's recent acquittal of a store clerk also charged after a raid of a Norman pipe shop.

Holman, 32, is charged with felony acquiring proceeds from drug activity, as well as 12 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Holman's legal troubles stem from two police raids in 2015, of the now closed, Friendly Market on 1100 E. Constitution. 

Though no drugs were confiscated, law enforcement seized cash and store merchandise - at the heart of the criminal charges are glass pipes and rolling papers that prosecutors insist is defined as drug paraphernalia.

On Feb. 3, a jury found Cody Franklin, 24, a former Friendly Market employee, not guilty of possession of paraphernalia charges after he sold a glass pipe to an undercover Norman police officer.

In Oct. of last year, another trial of a Friendly Market employee, James Maxwell Walters, 23, ended in a mistrial.

Holman was re-elected to the Norman City Council last month  with an 80-percent vote.