Dallas Community Watch post series of videos of police interaction near OKC federal building & Edmond police HQ

A Texas based activist group recently posted a series of videos of their interactions with police while visiting downtown Oklahoma City and Edmond. The group claims they were conducting "First Amendment Audits." The group also claims police acted illegally towards them.

Oklahoma House approves bill unplugging the electric chair from future death sentences

The Oklahoma House recently approved legislation that eliminates the electric chair as an acceptable method of execution for individuals sentenced to death. Oklahoma hasn't utilized death by electrocution in more than 50-years (1966).

Former Choctaw High School teacher sentenced to jail in rape case involving student.

Former Choctaw High School teacher and assistant wrestling coach, Austin Quinton, was sentenced to serve jail time after pleaded guilty to engaging in a sexual relationship with teen student.

Quinton, 25, pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree rape of a 17-year old female.